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$40.00 + HST

Unlimited Classes for 30 days

YogaNewI & YogaNewII for Beginners

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm

Thursdays 5:15-6:15pm


New class for the experienced and
those looking for a challenge.

Thursdays 7:45-8:45pm

Reduce stress. Improve your health. Lose weight.

Feel Great

Wellness & Weight Loss with Yoga, Hot Yoga, PilatesFit, Bootcamp styles like HIIT30 & YogaHIIT in Hamilton

I, Marlene am here to give you the best of instruction, motivation and most fun experience in your health & fitness goals.

FitWithin offers exciting Classes of all variations in yoga, pilatesfit, bootcamp style with HIIT30 & YogaHIIT .

FitWithin classes are unique! Marlene developed specific classes to take your through your week, enhancing your life along the way. Each daily Yoga & fitness practice is distinct, and specifically sequenced to bring strength, energy, weight loss, peace of mind and balance into your life.

We are achieving a one on one personal wellness programs/coaching in Hamilton and it’s surrounding areas.

Marlene offers Foot Reflexology to reduce stress and manage life better with balance.

Achieve your goals with a holistic approach to your health and well-being. Marlene is excited for you and your journey!

To book a reflexology session with Marlene
contact by phone at 905-979-2628 or

What People Are Saying

  • I Just wanted to say thank you soooo much. I have never had a body treatment that was more relaxing, envigorating, comforting, therapeutic… And WONDERFUL… all at the same time. You are totally awesome inside and out, body and mind, spirit and soul.

    Pam and Don
  • Marlene: I want to thank you for being so good at what you do. I have been a part of most your classes and they are always new and challenging, yet you are able to modify to suit all people with different levels of ability. Your Monday class yoga back has been surprisingly one of my favourite classes due to its ability to relieve tension built up by stress and it also helps with maintaining my issues with my digestive system. It has proven to be an essential aid in coping with my total well being inside and out! Not only are you amazing with new programs every week but you are very inviting to all who come... From the newbies to the veterans!! I appreciate your genuine ability to care for each student and help them achieve their goals! Good luck with all your future endeavours!!

YogaFit Partnership

“We are happy to welcome, our newest partner, Marlene Campos and FitWithin in Hamilton, ON to the YogaFit Family. As the largest yoga school in North America and the gold standard for safe fitness yoga, we applaud Marlene’s commitment to providing the best possible yoga instruction and resources to the community and look forward to supporting that commitment!”

– Beth Shaw,
President and Founder of YogaFit

Salute the Sun

Salute the Sun offers our studios a superior yoga experience! Their infrared heating systems offer a range of benefits for our yoga fitness clients. Increase your flexibility, circulation and pain relief in our heated yoga classes without fear of overheating.

Salute the Sun offers greater comfort while using less energy.

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