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March, 2016

My FitWithin Journey.

March 21st, 2016 Written By: Marlene


Hello Everyone, its been a long time coming for me to put this into words as to how FitWithin came about. So here it is… My journey in health & fitness started when I was 22..(I am almost 38 lol). I had been working in different jobs/careers trying to find what I truly made me happy. Hospitality and travel were some of my joys until I moved to Toronto to work at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. I enjoyed working at the Epic restaurant and meeting people everyday and giving them an enjoyable experience. That’s my passion no matter what I am doing. I came from an amazing experience working at Walt Disney World Epcot Park in Orlando, Florida prior to this. After that experience I was amazed at the quality of training and service that Walt Disney brings. It was difficult to find anything comparable and I learned a lot about People.

Here it goes…My living experience in Toronto woke me up. I was never extremely overweight but I was about 30-40 pounds’ overweight for my size. I am 5’1 so weight like that weighs a small person down lol.. But I was always such a happy person on the inside that it didn’t bother me. In life sometimes the people that you love can hurt the most with their words and can scar and affect how you look at yourself. I’ve experienced this and its not nice. But being forced to lose weight NEVER works.

I moved back to Hamilton after a while and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. One day I was working out at the gym here in Hamilton and I was approached about how great I was doing and how committed I was to my training program. I was there every day before I went to work. I was told about a Personal Training program that was being offered and that I might be interested in….so there it began…

I lived with 2 roommates and one of them had lost 100 pounds I couldn’t believe it till I saw his before and after photo. He inspired me by just learning how to eat properly and balanced meals. This started me on the journey to learn about foods and how our body responds to it. I started to become fascinated with nutrition. From here I started exercising at a local gym by my place in Toronto and really only doing cardio.

I was introduced to a personal trainer by a fellow co worker. He was great! He motivated me and took his time with me as I was not strong at all!! Looking back wow I couldn’t even do 1 push up! So trust me I get it! I had about 3-6 sessions at the most and learned a lot… I couldn’t afford too much as I was young and on a tight budget. But the investment was worth the journey it took me on. He gave me a program that I could do for about 3 months. I was committed and hooked! In this process I became fascinated with Weight training and other facets of strength training. So I did my research, I studied and started making changes to my own workouts. From here much happened in my life and my transition physically.

I would rather just get to the point of how I got here from there… I changed my life so quickly physically but mentally and emotionally it caught up to me. After achieving my personal training certificate, I started working as a personal trainer. after some time, I was lost. I’ll explain what I mean. As a woman we have such complicated physiology with how our Endocrine system works (HORMONES!!) As a woman at a young age of 24 I lost my menstrual Cycle for almost a year…. that’s not good. It affected me in more ways than one. My mood was so off and I felt lifeless… This is where I meant I was lost. I had to take a stress leave from my work and get help (that I denied many times). There is so much to tell you but what’s important here is that I understand… I was seeing specialists, getting tested and getting referred to a psychologist/psychiatrist at McMaster at the time. I couldn’t believe this was my story. They jumped right to diagnosing me with depression (ME someone who had such a passion for living life became lifeless.) This was the worst feeling in the world. So What happened?  I suffered for 2 years (which felt like a lifetime of suffering).

I was so embarrassed about what I was going through. I hid this from family and friends and myself. Trying to live a “normal” life as if nothing was wrong. But inside I felt horrible. This is where my life truly took a turn, a direction that I never planned but happened. As time went on nothing was working (medically I mean) They had me on antidepressants and Ritalin (weird I know). Yes, it stabilized me at times but to the point that I stopped feeling… So now I was just going through the motions. To me that was not living. As time went on and I mean went on I was dying inside. I didn’t want to live like this. I would beg in my worst moments to take this pain away. Once my family was more aware of my suffering a family member, Bless her. Recommended I go to Portugal (My Parents Home country) to meet someone that could help me. I would lay in her lap crying so much and she said there’s no way this is you. You have always been such a light and such a happy person. This is not you. So my parents helped get me to Portugal and there the spiritual journey began…

This Man helped me so much in that time of my life…I was skeptical especially being so young and trying to understand the holistic aspect of health. He seemed to have done some Cranial work on me (pressure points on my head) then would have conversations with me and about my life. He gave me HOPE. This hope got me here. He said I had an ability beyond my knowing, to facilitate healing in people. I didn’t understand this. He said the golden hands. Okay…what was I suppose to do with this. Well he mentioned Reflexology… then it it began…

So in 2006 I took the course and here I am today. Reflexology rebalanced me and my cycle and my overall well-being. This is not a joke this changed my life forever. My passion for holistic health comes from the depths of my personal journey (which we all have our story.) This is mine and its taken me so long to get here. Letting go of Judgments…Competitions…Expectations..Yogafit’s philosophy and essence of Yoga. These words are to live by and helps start our practice in Yoga classes. It allows us to free ourselves of the “Ego” and just be ourselves.

I am blessed to have had people support me and love me to get here but also my willingness to never give up and trust that I will awaken again and truly awaken was the power that came from within. Now you know why I chose FitWithin as the business name.

I am sure you are wondering how about everything in between… All I can say is thank you to Eastmount Chiropractic and Wellness Centre for giving me the opportunity 10 years ago to brining my practice of reflexology into their office.  There have been many changes along the way and I grew to love helping people bring their light to life. I loved yoga as well it helped me get through my hardest times. I followed my heart which Is why I am here to help you on your journey…

My healing journey led me to meet my amazing husband Fernando who has supported me beyond belief. My friends and family (you know who you are) I love you and I thank you…I will never give up on YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope it gives you the courage to open up with yours.

Wishing you always much health, peace & happiness. Be Good to yourself & Be Good to others, Namaste.

Marlene, FitWithin

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