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FitWithin Hot Yoga + Fitness Studio

Hot Yoga + Fitness

Light Classes

Gentle Form of Yoga

Recommended for Beginners/All Levels, + great for those starting out. Look for Light in our Class Schedule.

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FitWithin Hot Yoga + Fitness Studio

Hot Yoga + Fitness

Blended Classes

A Mix of Yoga + Fitness

Recommended for Advanced/All Levels, using elements from our Light + Hard-Core levels. Look for Blended in our Class Schedule.

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FitWithin Hot Yoga + Fitness Studio

Hot Yoga + Fitness

Hard-Core Classes

Active for a Challenge

Recommended for Advanced/All Levels, great for those looking for a fitness challenge + active lifestyle. Look for Hard-Core in our Class Schedule.

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Click here to view our class schedule, and read more about the types of Hot Yoga + Fitness practices we offer here at FitWithin!

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FitWithin Class Schedule

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FitWithin Hot Yoga + Fitness Studio is located inside Eastmount Chiropractic + Wellness Centre on 1447 Upper Ottawa Units 5+6. Connect with us for any questions or inquiries, or read some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Our Classes are categorized as Light, Blended, and Hard-Core. Each one can be Heated, Warm, or Non-Heated (see Heated Infrared Yoga) and comes in various levels from Beginners to Advanced.

If you are unable to make a class, cancel online at least 1 hour prior to start time. Refunds are not given once signed up. Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Join Us for more on registration, memberships, prices / policies, and new student guidelines.

Types of Classes

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Recommended for Beginners/All Levels. Light classes are our gentler yoga practices, and a great option for those starting out. This style is encouraged if you suffer from pain or are extremely active, to improve recovery time and overall health/wellbeing. A few of our Light classes to look out for on the schedule:

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, SUN Yoga, Yoga Therapy

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Recommended for All Levels. Blended classes use a combination of elements from our Light and Hard-Core levels, to bring you a happy medium of activity and rest. A few of our Blended classes to look out for on the schedule:

Yoga Back, Yoga Detox, Flex + Flow, Yang Yin Flow, Pilates Fit

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Recommended for Advanced / All Levels (some w/Modifications). Hard-Core classes are a dynamic fusion of fitness and yoga, and a great choice for those looking for more of a challenge / active lifestyle. They have varying levels of intensities, and modifications can be made so they're suitable for all levels! A few examples of our Hard-Core classes to look out for on the schedule:

Buti® Yoga, Yoga Butt, POUND® Fit + Bliss, Flex + Flow w/Weights

Heated Infrared Yoga

Salute the Sun

Heated Infrared Yoga Banner

Our studio uses Salute the Sun to offer a superior heated yoga experience! Their system offers a great warming experience without the fear of overheating. Our hot yoga classes are great for increasing flexibility, circulation, pain relief, and leading to overall harmony / well-being! Look at our Class Schedule to see if a class is Non-Heated, Warm, or Heated. Please note, an over-all warmer setting in our studio is to be expected in all levels of classes, due to the heat level of those previous. Specifically, Heated Infrared Yoga offers these benefits:

Detoxification: The sequence of postures in a heated room of approximately 38°C produces a detoxifying sweat. This flushes out toxins through the skin. It’s important to drink plenty of water before and after a hot yoga class.

Developing Strength + Flexibility: Warm up muscles, stretch, and move safely into postures. Develop strength, agility, flexibility, and tone, while receiving a mild to moderate cardiovascular workout. Heated yoga is ideal for preventing or relieving back problems and other chronic pain or sports-related injuries.

Relaxing the Mind + Improve Breathing: Heat helps relieve tension, and aids in focusing to create better mental concentration. The steady deep breathing in hot yoga releases stress and anxiety, improves lung function, and lowers cortisol levels.

Increases Body Awareness: Hot yoga postures stimulate the thyroid gland, producing hormones to help regulate your metabolism. They also increase blood circulation and movement of oxygen cells to improve metabolic and bowl functions. In turn you’ll gain more self-confidence and awareness of your body.

Better Health: Heated yoga promotes weight loss, appetite control, improves posture, coordination and balance. It also decreases headaches, aids in proper digestion, reduces heart irregularities, and helps with overall anxiety / patience levels. Increase your range of movement while fostering spiritual growth!