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FitWithin Hot Yoga + Fitness Studio offers Foot Reflexology with Marlene!

Bring Yourself Back to a State of Balance

Reflexology Sessions

With Marlene

Marlene is a Registered Certified Reflexologist with the OCR. Foot Reflexology provides full body benefits.

Foot Reflexology sessions with Marlene are located at 1675 Upper Gage Ave (Unit 20), Hamilton ON, L8W 3R7.

About Foot Reflexology

Sessions with Marlene Campos-Cipriani

Reflexology is the art of manipulating the body’s reflexes to signal a response in the nervous system, which in turn relates to every part of the body. FitWithin uses this process to remove stress, bringing you back to a state of balance, or homeostasis (equilibrium).

Benefits of Reflexology include: encouraging the body to heal disorders, relieving the emotional / physical effects of stress, improving your immune system, relieving pain, helping circulation by improving nerve stimulation, promoting a deep state of relaxation, clearing toxins and improving bodily functions, assisting with post-operative recovery, weight loss, and connecting the mind to the body.

Minimalize physical symptoms such as: digestive disorders, back / neck pain, headaches, sciatica, constipation, allergies, arthritis, tinnitus, skin disorders, heart problems, high blood pressure, anemia, low energy, bladder / kidney problems, diabetes, insomnia, and anxiety / depression.

Frequently Asked Questions

For maximum relief, 3-5 sessions once a week is recommended. In order to maintain good health, you can go every 2 weeks thereafter for a month.

No. It works specific reflex points to relieve stress and pain.

Reflexology is fully relaxing, as if your body has been relieved. There can be tingling and warmth in the body due to increased blood circulation.

4 minutes, 4 hours, or forever… the length of time varies! Endorphins are temporary, but every session brings longer periods of relief.

No. Reflexology is a form of stress management. If the cause can be eliminated, most of the symptoms should be gone.

Request A Session

Book Your Reflexology with Marlene

Marlene is a Registered Certified Reflexologist with the OCR. To request an appointment, please e-mail directly or fill in the form below! Sessions are located at 1675 Upper Gage Ave (Unit 20), Hamilton ON, L8W 3R7 and costs $70 including HST for 1 hour with an aromatic foot bath. Acceptable methods of payment are Visa / MasterCard online or cash / cheque in person.

E-mail Marlene below. Sessions are only available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please indicate a preferred date and time in your message.